Is anybody out there?

Is anybody out there?

Hello All,

It’s been a while since the shelter has posted a blog, and before adding “blog-today” to my list of tasks, I wanted to first see if there is anyone out there who wants to read a blog? We post quick updates, needs, announcements, and notes of gratitude on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more recently – Pinterest. So, do you read blogs? And if so, what information would you like included? What is most significant for you? Blogs are really our way of communicating with you, so what would you like to read?

Our message this year has been threefold:

1. The need is great. We’ve served more than 12,000 families in the last decade. Even after the recent buiding expansion, today we have only one bed remaining in our 33,000 square foot facility. We are housing a record-breaking 67 women and children. Indeed, the need is great.

2. Lives are changing. Just today a woman left to begin her new life, and we’ve seen 31 others leave to safe living this year. On a regular basis we are told how lives are changed because of the services offered at the shelter. It’s such a blessing to be a part of this work and it’s inspiring to see women who come to us broken and hurting, leave courageous and independent. Lives ARE changing.

3. Our work MUST continue. This is where you come in. We depend on you – to volunteer, to participate in our fundraising activities, to pray, to tell others about resources available… the list of how YOU make it possible for us to do this life changing work is endless.

So what would you like to read? What inspires you? Let us know.

I look forward to hearing from you, and in advance, thank you. On behalf of the 67 women and children who will sleep safely this evening, thank you.

We appreciate you.