Fully Dependent on God

I belong to an organization which is made up of several Christian business people in the Indianapolis community who meet on a monthly basis and share the progress, needs and prayer requests of our not for profit organizations and of each of us personally. When we met last we talked about whether or not each of us operated in faith – total faith – doing everything in the midst of faith and abiding in our Lord God. What is our attitude? Do we seek Him daily? Do we model Him and include Him in our daily lives? We asked ourselves, “What is God wanting to accomplish in the duties, responsibilities and activities that lie ahead of us? What is His purpose for us?” 
This immediately brought to mind the shelter’s residential staff who share their hearts and their lives with the women and children here each and every day. They sit with them, cry with them, give big hugs and pray with them. They walk alongside them in every area of their lives, giving these families hope for a future free from domestic violence. Their attitudes and faith in God are evident in the work that they do as they model the ultimate servant – Jesus Christ.