Every Mom Has a Different Story…

Every Mom Has a Different Story…
Dear friends,
She’s a project manager, short-order cook, pediatrician, teacher, chauffeur, therapist, comedian, housekeeper, role model, decorator, nose-wiper, family historian, repair expert, cheerleader, cookie baker, storyteller, financier, best friend, and so much more — but you know her simply as Mom.

Whether you’re a mom or you remember everything your Mom endured as you made that difficult journey from infancy to adulthood, you know that mothers are amazing. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to call them superheroes, given everything they’re expected to do for their families and children.

But some moms just don’t feel like superheroes. The mothers who come through our doors are desperate to survive and to protect their children. Most arrive with no self-confidence, few resources, overwhelming fear … and just enough hope to believe in something better for their kids.

Our staff responds with love, skills, and resources to strengthen that hope. For some, it’s strategies for successful parenting. For others, it’s better communication with their children. Still others receive skills to help them find work. Each mom has a different story, and when they share those stories with one another, they laugh, cry, learn, and understand that they’re not the only ones who struggle while trying to fly like superheroes.

This month, we’re starting a new support group for moms called Single and Parenting to prepare them for the unique challenges they’ll face as single parents and provide the tools they need to raise strong, independent, emotionally healthy kids. The curriculum materials were purchased by generous donors and the class is being presented by caring volunteers.

As you celebrate Mother’s Day, please say a prayer for the moms under our roof, and know that we’ll be saying our own prayer to thank God for your generous support of the work we perform.

In His Service,

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Cassie Martin Executive Director