Being Part of a Strong, Nurturing Family

Being Part of a Strong, Nurturing Family

Religion that is pure and good before God the Father is to help children… 

I was talking with a toddler at a recent church bonfire. Every question I asked resulted in the same emphatic response: “I am Rachel and this is my mom.” When I asked about her friends, she replied, “I am Rachel and this is my mom.” When I complimented her boots, I heard, “I am Rachel and this is my mom.” I laughed all evening and smiled on the drive home, touched by her pride in her mother and family.

Few things are as important as being part of a strong, nurturing family. That’s a blessing, but it certainly isn’t a given. The children who walk through our doors have grown up in homes where the dynamics are terrifying and where they witness power struggles that leave them fearful and confused. There are many days when my drive home from the shelter is filled with prayers to help youngster’s families become more loving, safe and life-giving.

Fortunately, we can (and do) break the cycle of abuse. We teach parents what proper discipline and support look like. We help children create safety plans at home. We show teens healthy dating relationships so they can establish patterns for healthy adult relationships. With your support, we create new habits built on trust, respect and love.

This newsletter focuses on serving those children. As you read the stories, I hope that you find inspiration and see the great opportunity to invest in creating healthier, happier futures for them. It’s never too late.