We are God’s Fellow Workers

We are God’s Fellow Workers

 “We are God’s fellow workers.”


You already know that Sheltering Wings is here for women and children…

You may not be among the 2,500 women and children who have found a safe haven under our roof, but with one in four people affected by domestic violence, you know or will know) someone who needs help. Our friends and family support groups can help you find the right words and actions. We’ve helped local pastors understand what to do when a church member shares her fear. We’ve helped local employers learn that unexplained absences may be a symptom of a problem that needs assistance.

When you give your time and treasure to us, you’re providing safety and hope to women and children, but you’re also giving back to your community. The more everyone understands about domestic violence, the better we’ll all be at eradicating it from our communities.

Whether you support us for faith, for justice, for love, or for all those and more, we pray that you are richly rewarded for your selfl ess giving, and for joining with us to offer hope in a world that so desperately wants and needs it.

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