So what can you do about domestic violence?

So what can you do about domestic violence?

So what can you do about domestic violence?

Dear friends,

What makes Domestic Violence Awareness Month so important? I think part of it is similar to the impact that holidays have on our lives. They focus our attention on important matters at hand.

We pray and worship all year long, but when Easter and Christmas arrive, we become immersed in the wonderful gifts God has given us, and our attention focuses on living our lives the best we can. We may be proud of our nation all year long, but on Independence Day and Veterans Day, that pride displays itself as we shed tears at the passing of flags in parades and cheer for fireworks.

In the same way, we work to prevent domestic violence all year long. But Domestic Violence Awareness Month gives us a chance to shine a spotlight on the problem and its impact on those around us. It provides opportunities for the community to stand together in unity against abuse and for healthy relationships. It helps us educate others on the importance of providing new lives to people who have experienced abuse.

As one of our loyal partners, you help us meet the needs of victims and educate our community all year long. We appreciate you all throughout the year, but this month, in particular, provides an excellent opportunity to say a special thank you for everything you do.

You truly make a difference in the lives of those we serve, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and all year long. Thank you so much!

Abiding in Him,

Cassie Martin
Executive Director