The True Example Of A Real Man

The True Example Of A Real Man

When we are able to speak Godly love and truth into the lives of those we serve at Sheltering Wings, it is important. When someone well-known speaks Godly love and truth to them, it is inspirational. When a man speaks Godly love and truth into our ladies, it is powerful.

Several weeks ago, the men from For King & Country, a group comprised of Australian brothers Joel and Luke who perform Christian rock/pop, visited the shelter prior to their concert at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Many times since, I have reflected on the message they shared with our ladies,

“You deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and honor by a man.” -Joel

It strikes me how significant it is to hear this message from men. When those that may represent harm, confusion, pain and suffering, instead speak and model love, healing, comfort and peace, it is powerful.

It is the intent of every program and service we offer at Sheltering Wings to share the love and compassion of Christ so victims more fully and positively understand their priceless value. I’m not sure there is much more of a higher calling.

I’m grateful for every single person who supports Sheltering Wings, but if I may speak directly to the men who partner with us financially or through volunteering and advocating I want to especially thank you. You have a powerful and unique opportunity to help us break the cycle of abuse by not only coming alongside our women, but by also teaching fellow men what healthy, God-honoring love looks like. Thank you for filling that substantial role.

I’ll leave you with the closing words that Joel spoke, “We will do our best to love and to share with young men…I firmly believe that Jesus was the true example of what a real man is and the Bible calls us to lay down our lives for you ladies as Jesus did for the church.”


In His Service,

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Cassie Martin Executive Director