Positive Changes For Her Family

Positive Changes For Her Family

Dear Friends,

The little girl is a spitting image of her mom. They have the same walk and talk. Their hair is similar. They have the same fun, engaging personality. It is so cute to see.

As I watched them interact, I prayed that this little girl also imitates other qualities she sees in her mom: her bravery and courage, hard work ethic, and desire to make positive changes for her family.

You see, this mom made one of the toughest, most brave decisions a woman can make…to leave the only home their family had ever known in order to start again. Their home had become unsafe with the threat of verbal and physical abuse around every turn. This mom saw what was happening to her family and desired better for them. She may not have fully realized it at the time, but seeking safety at Sheltering Wings was her first step in breaking the cycle of abuse.

When she came with her children they were initially very timid and scared, but as they began to meet the staff and other residents, as well as attend our groups and classes, we began to see a sparkle return to their eyes.

Mom is leading the way to make healthy changes: she attends parenting classes and a support group. She found a job and has started saving money for their own place. She also works with our Children’s Case Manager to gather appropriate resources to support her children’s educational, physical and mental well-being needs.

The family is beginning to thrive. It hasn’t been an overnight transformation, but they are gathering the tools needed to move forward with healthy boundaries, financial and tangible resources, and a new-found sense of security and self-worth.

This month as you celebrate Mother’s Day, we invite you to join us in making these stories happen over-and-over for moms and their kids. Your financial support, volunteer hours, prayers, and advocacy equips moms with the support network needed to build safe, stable and independent lives.


In His Service,

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Cassie Martin Executive Director