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Thank you for taking a moment to check out the Pastoral Care page for Sheltering Wings.

Sheltering Wings wishes to bring peace and healing to lives torn apart by domestic and sexual violence.  Just as David prayed for restoration in his own relationship with God (Psalm 51:10-12) so relationships can be restored today. Intervention by Pastors should keep these three things in mind:

  • Safety for the victim and children.
  • Accountability for the abuser –it is critical that pastors talk to the abuser separately to begin that accountability and will want to error on the side of caution when it comes to safety.
  • Restoration of the relationship (if possible), or mourning over the loss of the relationship.

While the individual restoration process can begin within our facility, there is much to do educationally out in each community and local church.  Only by facing this issue head on can we effectively protect future generations from unnecessary suffering.  This generational curse can be broken.

There are several ways through which we can pass on pertinent information to you:

First, through Church Connection Council (CCC). To learn more about the CCC click here.
Second, see below a bibliography on domestic violence subject matter.
Third, we have provided a list of agencies you can check out for domestic violence related information.
Fourth, We are available to come and speak to your staff, group or congregation.

Resources for Pastors

Broken and Battered: A Way Out for the Abused Woman Muriel Canfield
Love is A Choice Robert Hemfelt, F. Minirth, and P. Meier
Battered But Not Broken – Help for Abused Wives and Their Church Families by Patricia Riddle Gaddis
For Better or For Worse – A Blessing or a Curse: Domestic Violence in the Christian Home by Michelle Martin
Keeping the Faith: Guidance for Christian Women Facing Abuse by Marie M. Fortune
Woman, Abuse and the Bible by Catherine Clark Kroeger (Editor) and James R. Beck (Editor)
Telling the Truth: Preaching About Sexual and Domestic Violence by John S. McClure (Editor) and Nancy J. Ramsay (Editor)
Domestic Violence: What Every Pastor Needs to Know by Al Miles and Catherine Clark Kroeger
No Place for Abuse: Biblical & Practical Resources to Counteract Domestic Violence by Catherine Clark Kroeger and Nancy Nason-Clark
Battered Women by Joy M. K. Bussert
The Survivor’s Voice: Healing the Invisible Wounds of Violence and Abuse by Kathy Manis Findley
Violence Against Women and Children: A Christain Theological Sourcebook by Carol J. Adams (editor)
Violence in Families: What Every Christian Needs to Know by Al Miles
Woman-Battering by Carol J. Adams
Ten Lies the Church Tells Women: How the Bible Has Been Misused to Keep Women in Spiritual Bondage by J. Lee Grady
Christian Men Who Hate Women by Margaret J. Dr. Rinck
Beyond Sex Roles: What the Bible Says About a Woman’s Place in Church and Family by Gilbert Bilezikian
What Paul Really Said About Women: The Apostle’s Liberating Views on Equality in Marriage, Leadership, and Love by John Temple Bristow
The Answer to Stress: Resting in Him by Mary Ann Kiszla

Sheltering Wings Center for Women does not endorse these materials or the authors. This list is limited. It is meant to provide suggested reading to those wishing to learn more about Domestic Violence.


Further information on is available through:

Not to Believers Like Us (N2BLU)
430 W. Fall Creek Pkwy N Dr. | Suite F
Indianapolis, Indiana  46208
(317) 923.7278

Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV)
1915 W. 18th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana   46202
(800) 332.7385

Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault (INCASA)
55 Monument Circle, Ste 1224
Indianapolis, Indiana  46204
(317) 423.0233

Domestic Violence Network (DVN)
9539 Valparaiso Court
Indianapolis, Indiana 46268
(317) 872.1086