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Sheltering Wings wants you to Pay It Forward!

Sheltering Wings wants you to Pay It Forward!

Dear friends, Next week, January 12 marks the 14th anniversary for Sheltering Wings. Rather than mark the anniversary with a party or a fundraising event, we have decided that we want to find ways to give back to the community that has provided its support for 14 years. And, we need your help! We have been the beneficiary of amazing generosity and kindness since we opened our doors. So we thought the best way to thank the community was to encourage people to do nice things for others. Sheltering Wings is asking everyone to “Pay it Forward” next week, on January 12, by performing random acts of kindness for others. Even small acts like complimenting a stranger or holding the door open for someone can have a big impact. Other ideas for acts of kindness include paying for the person behind you at the drive-through, giving an unusually generous tip to a restaurant server, handing a coat or a meal to someone who’s homeless, greeting the mail carrier with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa — there are so many ways to share our blessings with others. When you perform an act of kindness on January 12 include a copy of the Pay It Forward flyer (attached here). And talk about or put a picture of your act on social media and use the hashtag #SWPaysItForward. We think this is a great way to remind others that our world is full of kindness and generosity. We know, because we’ve been on the receiving end, and including the flyer with your act of kindness may encourage the recipient to... read more
A Christmas to Remember!

A Christmas to Remember!

Dear friends, My family has many happy Christmas memories, but I’m especially fond of our silliest. Aunt Cyndi was flying into town to visit. Since it was Christmas Day, all twelve of us (Mom, Dad, sister, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins) decided to greet her at the gate dressed in Santa costumes. She was surprised and delighted — as were several other travelers who posed for photos with our family! I’m sure you’re smiling as you remember your own favorite stories. But what if your Christmas memories focused on hearing your mother pleading for your father to stop yelling before he slams the front door? Instead of treasured gifts and favorite cookies, what if Christmas meant discovering Mom sitting on the floor by the tree, her eyes swollen with tears? This Christmas, dozens of children will experience their first holiday season without fear. That’s because they’ll celebrate at Sheltering Wings. Ensuring their safety is only the first step in helping them become strong, independent adults who will be able to establish and sustain healthy relationships.  It’s the first step in helping them create the right kind of Christmas memories for their own children … and we couldn’t make it happen without your prayerful and generous support. May this Christmas be merry and memorable for you, and may your New Year be particularly joyous!   In His Service, Cassie Martin Executive Director... read more
Remembering to Be Thankful…

Remembering to Be Thankful…

Dear friends, Every day, we face so many challenges that it’s easy to forget to be thankful. But then I walk past our conference room and see one of our residents talking with a case manager, a tutor, a mentor, or someone from one of our social-service agency partners. This delightful lady arrived with no resources, little hope, and a minimal understanding of English. She was determined to stop being a victim of domestic violence, so she decided to take full advantage of the classes and resources in our Life Skills program. Her English has improved greatly, as have her parenting skills. She is acquiring computer skills that will help her land a job, and learning how to budget so she can make the most of what she earns and control her own finances. With every meeting, every class, and every conversation, she is building the tools she needs to live safely and independently, and to provide stability to her beautiful daughter. And each time I see her, she is closer to that goal. Her progress reminds me of the value of the support and services we provide so that women and children can escape unsafe situations. It reminds me of the stable and independent lives our past residents are pursing. And it reminds me of the importance of your generous and prayerful support that makes everything possible. I’m thankful for everything you do for our women, our children, and our staff. May your Thanksgiving be warm, wonderful, and filled with God’s love.   In His Service, Cassie Martin Executive Director... read more
Let’s Start The Conversation

Let’s Start The Conversation

Dear friends, Recently, someone asked me what Sheltering Wings hopes to accomplish during October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It’s a question I love, because it focuses on outcomes, instead of just the activities (which appear below).  We hope each attendee walks away with information that prompts a conversation at the dinner table, around the water cooler, or at school. You see, the more we talk about domestic violence, the less isolated victims feel, and the more empowered they become to seek the support and resources they need. Our activities are designed to start that process. If you can’t join us in person this year, please participate by making a donation to support these important, informative events, so we may break the cycle of violence. In His Service, Cassie Martin Executive Director   October Activities Thursday, October 1 “Shine the Light”- Sheltering Wings Annual Vigil Join us as we remember lives lost and celebrate those who have been saved. Location: Sheltering Wings, Danville Time: 6:30pm Friday, October 2 “Ignite and Spread the Love”- 5th Quarter Bonfire for Teens Learn more about preventing the dangers of dating violence.  Games, food, door prizes, etc. Location: Nehemiah Ranch Time: 9:30pm (after football games) Monday, October 12 “Domestic Violence Hits Home”- Community Forum A deeper understanding of how Domestic Violence affects our community from different perspectives (family, law enforcement, business, church, etc.) Location: Avon Town Hall Time: 6:30pm Monday, October 19 “What to Know, What to Do”- Workplace Domestic Violence Awareness Breakfast Learn what HR professionals can do to help victims of domestic violence in your place of work. Location: HRH YMCA in Avon... read more

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“We thought it was you.”

The definition of awake-up call? For Stacy Paetz, it was when she heard the devastating news that a closechildhood friend had been shot and killed by her ex-fiance. Chillingly, the friend whocalled to tell her about the tragedy added, “Stacy, we thought it was you.” At the time Stacy was involved in a three-and-a-half year relationship with a boyfriend  who was verbally, emotionally and physically abusive. “I knew it wasn’t right after just eight months,” says Stacy, “but I was afraid to distance myself from him.” And, she admits, “I was ashamed of what was happening. I felt that I was a strong person. I was a good student, a three-sport athlete and had a loving family. But he stole my self-esteem. He would tell me that it was my fault when he lost control. If I hadn’t acted a certain way, he wouldn’t have reacted badly. He wouldn’t have laid his hands on me. And I believed him.” But then it got even worse. “He said if I ever left him, he would mess me up so bad nobodyelse would want me. He even threatened to kill me.” In talking about the murder of her childhood friend, Stacy grows emotional. “I knew she was in an abusive relationship just like me. I would plan for us both to break up with our boyfriends together. When she was killed it was a major reality check.” Stacy adds “The closer I got to the Lord the more I realized I had the power to make a change in my life.” Her growing confidence along with the fear that what had...


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Upcoming Events

4:00 pm Hop For Hop Jump-a-thon @ Skyzone Trampoline Park
Hop For Hop Jump-a-thon @ Skyzone Trampoline Park
Feb 20 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Hop For Hop Jump-a-thon @ Skyzone Trampoline Park | Plainfield | Indiana | United States
Sheltering Wings Youth Council, Teens That Talk has partnered with Skyzone to raise awareness about and the prevention of Teen Dating Violence. The evening will include free food, drinks, dessert, open jump times, dodgeball tournament,[...]
6:30 pm Embracing Empowerment @ Sheltering Wings
Embracing Empowerment @ Sheltering Wings
Mar 1 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Embracing Empowerment @ Sheltering Wings | Sycamore | Illinois | United States
Embracing Empowerment meets every Thursday, 6:30-8:00 pm March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Embracing Empowerment is a support group which is open to residents and community members.  This support group will help victims and survivors gain knowledge[...]
6:30 pm Sheltering Wings Speaker’s Training @ Sheltering Wings Community Room
Sheltering Wings Speaker’s Training @ Sheltering Wings Community Room
Mar 8 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Sheltering Wings Speaker's Training @ Sheltering Wings Community Room | Danville | Indiana | United States
Sheltering Wings is often called upon to go into the community to talk, inform, and educate various groups.  Each group that requests a speaker usually falls into a specific category, i.e. churches, survivors, businesses, teens,[...]