Brown Township Trustee(317) 852-0899

Trustees can assist eligible township residents with food, medical care, clothing, household goods, shelter, school clothing, utilities, limited transportation, fuel oil, coal, and burial expense. The trustee acts as the township assessor. The assessor identifies, lists and calculates the assessed value of all real and personal property in their township.

Center Township Trustee–Danville(317) 745-2813

Clay Township Trustee–Coatesville(765) 386-2049

Communtiy Action Heating Assistance Program(317) 745-2642

Eel River Township Trustee–North Salem(765) 676-6615

Guilford Township Trustee–Plainfield(317) 838-0564

Hendricks Co. Division of Family & Children(317) 272-4917

Liberty Township Trustee–Clayton(317) 539-7944

Lincoln Township Trustee–Brownsburg(317) 852-8745

Marion Township Trustee–Danvile(317) 539-4024

Middle Township Trustee–Pittsboro(317) 892-5000

Red Cross – Hendricks County(317) 839-8027 or (317) 745-2580

Childcare Voucher Program/Children’s Bureau(317) 545-5284 ext 204

Union Township Trustee–Lizton(317) 994-5506

Washington Township Trustee–Avon(317) 272-1835