Domestic Violence Doesn’t Stay at Home

Domestic Violence Doesn’t Stay at Home

Dear Friends,


Domestic violence doesn’t stay at home when its victims go to work.

Think about that for a moment. Most think that abuse is something that happens only behind the closed doors of a home. But for victims who work, that isn’t the case.

A national study found that three-quarters of abuse victims had been harassed at work by their husband or partner. More than half were late for work at least five times in the last month because of abuse and 28 percent had to leave early at least five days during the month. And 94 percent of corporate security directors say that domestic violence presents a high security problem for their companies. When victims leave home, the workplace is often the only place their abuser can find and attack them.

We know that one in four women experiences abuse during her lifetime. Is your company addressing the victims who work for it? Is there a plan in place to protect workers and to support them if they seek help?

Sheltering Wings can provide training for managers about the signs of abuse and what to do when they suspect an employee is a victim. We can also provide awareness training for employees. If your company isn’t already doing this, please have your HR director contact Melissa Echerd at 317-386-5061 or to discuss what we can do.

Thank you for your continued support of Sheltering Wings … and thank you in advance for helping us support people at your workplace!

Abiding in Him,

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