Children are a blessing

Children are a blessing

The people who started Sheltering Wings wanted to help women who were victims of domestic abuse, but it didn’t take long for them to realize that there was another group of victims who also needed help. We call them the silent victims of abuse, because they can’t speak for themselves. They are the children of mothers who are being abused.

Think about your own childhood. Think about living in a home filled with love, where Christmas was a time to be treasured, where days were spent in carefree play, where fear
was a foreign concept. Now imagine yourself as a child hiding under the covers in a desperate attempt to block out your mother’s screams and cries. Imagine your family life involving
a steady diet of anger and violence. It’s no surprise that you would expect more of the same when you became an adult.

As I write these words, 22 women are safe in our shelter, along with 45 children. In fact, on most days, we serve more children than we had total beds just two years ago. Many of them
feel safe for the first time in their young lives. Beyond that security, we do our best to break the cycle by helping them understand that anger and violence are neither inevitable nor acceptable.

Our goal is to help these silent victims grow into self-sufficient adults capable of entering and sustaining healthy relationships. This Christmas, as you celebrate your family and your many blessings, please remember our children and help us give them hope and joy.

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