Christmas is About Hope

Christmas is About Hope

Dear Friends,

Christmas is about many things. It’s about family and giving. It’s about fellowship and cherished traditions. It’s about sharing. And, it’s even about those amazing once-a-year cookies.

But most of all, Christmas is about hope. It’s about God’s greatest gift to the world He created and the hope that baby in the manger offers us all.

Hope is central to our work at Sheltering Wings. Every time we watch the news or read the paper, it seems we see stories about the cruelty of domestic violence. Those stories may test our faith and leave us feeling distraught, dismayed and hopeless. That’s perfectly understandable.

Yet, when you work with the ladies who are staying at Sheltering Wings, hope isn’t just a concept. It’s something you watch take shape every day. I thought about that while talking with Samantha the other day. Here’s a woman who was abused physically and sexually by her parents when she was a little girl, and who wound up in a marriage with another abuser. Her childhood included being raped and strangled by the two people who were supposed to protect and nurture her. Is it any wonder she stumbled through life with no sense of self-worth?

And today? “I am confident, worthy, beautiful, strong, single-minded, self-maintained and I can make healthy decisions now.” Samantha’s confidence and joy are contagious. For the first time in her life, she understands love, feels hope, and has created a relationship with God. Samantha and her daughter have a beautiful future ahead of them. No, it won’t be easy to overcome the legacy of her abuse, but with that hope and support from Sheltering Wings, she’ll get there.

When someone makes the amazingly courageous decision to break free from the cycle of abuse, their transformation begins. They can move beyond today’s despair to hope and healing.

Because of your support, I get to see that hope in action every day. Thanks for all you do to support Sheltering Wings and those we serve. And may this Christmas season fill you with abundant hope and never-ending joy!

In His Service,

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Cassie Martin
Executive Director