Children’s Services

Parents of Murdered Children |  (888) 818-7662 |

Survivors of Homicide | (860) 257-7388 |

Child Care Answers(317) 636-5727

Services: Resource and Referral

Mission: Ensure that the children of today and tomorrow are cared for in a professional and nurturing manner and that every parent, child care provider and community leader know the importance of their roles in the development of children.

Day Nursery Association(317) 271-2603
As an advocate for quality child care, Day Nursery provides a variety of programs that support the children, parents, and child care providers in Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan, and Shelby counties.

Services: Day care, health and immunization service, balanced meals and snacks, breakfast program, educational programs, school-aged children before and after school and during summer, ages 2 through 8 years

Fees: Based on family income

Children’s Services A Division of Sycamore Services/First Steps (317) 745-7503

Services: Provides services for young children who are considered developmentally vulnerable and their families

Headstart (317) 745-1650

Services: Preschool educational opportunity for 3-5 year old. Center-based three or four mornings or afternoons a week

Eligibility: Income eligibility requirement. Handicapped children ready for mainstreaming, foster children and those receiving AFDC

Healthy Families Hendricks County (317) 745-9426

Services: Support program for all pregnant women and for families with new babies

Hendricks County Department of Family & Children (317) 272-4917

Services: Medicaid, Aid for Dependent Children, Child Welfare, Food Stamps, Hospital Commitment or Medical

Eligibility: Determined on a case-by-case basis after an application has been completed

Hendricks County Health Department (317) 745-9222

Services: Home visits with emphasis on prevention of disease, promotion of health and rehabilitation. Crippled children follow-up, Immunization Clinic, Adult Wellness Clinic, Child Health Clinic, and Dental Screening Clinic

WIC (317) 745-2027

Services: Nutrition Education, supplemental food for pregnant and breast-feeding women and children to age 5

Eligibility: Hendricks County resident