Basic Skills Means Self-sufficiency For Our Women

Basic Skills Means Self-sufficiency For Our Women
Dear friends,
I was passing through the kitchen the other day and saw a half-dozen women and children sitting around a table. They were listening to our volunteer nutritionist, as she offered friendly advice about healthy food choices.

My first thought was that I needed to sit in on that discussion! But then I smiled, as I realized just how important the nutritionist’s information was to those families, and how fortunate we are that she takes time every week to volunteer her services to Sheltering Wings. By using her expertise and passion to help our ladies understand how simple choices like exchanging one glass of water for a can of pop each day can make a significant difference. They’ll remember her suggestions for making affordable and healthier choices when they’re ready to leave the shelter.

A significant part of our work at Sheltering Wings involves helping the women and children we serve develop the skills they need to live safe and independent lives. Our Life Skills program encompasses so many aspects of life that most of us just take for granted … from basic nutrition, to parenting tips, to learning how to write a resume and interview for a job, and many others. Having those basic skills and the ability to be self-sufficient means that the women and their children can be more successful when they’re ready to move on … so they can break the vicious cycle of domestic violence.

We can’t do it all, so we draw upon volunteers like our nutritionist who are generous with their time and knowledge. Each of our many Life Skills volunteers recognizes that they make a significant difference for the women and children we serve, and we’re deeply grateful for their time and caring.

This month, as you perform the tasks that we take for granted as part of our everyday lives, please take a moment to prayerfully remember the women and children who are learning those basic skills. Please support their journey to safety, independence, and confidence, and know that your generous support of Sheltering Wings is helping them succeed.

In His Service,

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Cassie Martin Executive Director