Safety Plan

Safety Plan

Your safety is the most important thing. Listed below are tips to help keep you safe.

Have A Bag Packed

Items to take, if possible:

  • Money (include change for payphone)
  • Keys to car, house, work
  • A change of clothes for you and your children
  • Address book, with numbers of friends, relatives, doctors, lawyers
  • Driver’s license & Car registration
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Important papers for you and your children include: Birth certificates, Social security cards, School and medical records, Bankbooks, credit cards, personal protective order, divorce papers, custody orders, Welfare identification, Passports, green cards, work permits, Lease/rental agreement, Insurance papers

Things to Think About to Keep You Safe…

  • Places you could go if you leave your home.
  • People who might help you when you leave. Think about people who will keep a bag for you, people who might lend you money. Make plans for your pets.
  • Keeping change for phone calls or getting a cell phone.
  • Opening a bank account or getting a credit card in your name.
  • How you might leave. Try doing things that get you out of the house – taking out the trash, walking the family pet, or going to the store. Practice how you can leave.
  • How you could take your children with you safely. There are times when taking your children with you may put all of your lives in danger. You need to protect yourself to be able to protect your children.