One of the Many Things Kids Need

One of the Many Things Kids Need

Dear Friends,
Children need many things to grow up healthy. Among them are love, nourishment, and one you may not often think about: stability.

For children to feel safe and confident, they must have a foundation of stability that can support them as they try to understand this complex world. When Mom brings them to a place called Sheltering Wings, that sense of stability becomes even more important, because their lives have been disrupted in dramatic ways.

That’s why we appreciate the partnerships we have with local school districts. They work with us to ensure that there aren’t any gaps in kids’ educations. Their lives may be challenging, but they get to spend much of the day in familiar classrooms, with the teachers they love, and surrounded by their friends.

Serving victims of domestic abuse is complicated, and it involves many facets that aren’t always obvious. One reason for our success is that we look beyond simply providing a safe haven to provide the support and resources each woman and each child needs to thrive and experience transformative change.

Your prayerful support makes all that and more possible. Thank you for allowing us to bring stability to the lives of these precious young ones and their mothers!

Abiding in Him,

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Cassie Martin
Executive Director