More than 13,000 families have called Sheltering Wings in need of help.

The following are primary goals for Sheltering Wings

Provide a safe haven with 24 hour admittance for victims and children suffering the effects of domestic violence.

Build stable and independent lives through case management and mentoring programs.

Prevent future cases of domestic violence by providing domestic violence prevention education as an outreach to community groups, schools, churches, and businesses.

Addresses physical and emotional needs of children.  This includes crisis intervention, support groups and helping them learn elements of healthy relationships.

Break the cycle of domestic violence by educating our community on the signs of domestic violence, the

appropriate response and resources available for those in an unhealthy relationship.

The primary measurable objectives to meet goals are

Provide a Safe Haven: Provide immediate access to safety and services.  Highly trained staff operate a 24-hour crisis line located at our facility.  Crisis call logs and quarterly reports record demographics and needs of callers.

Measurable Objective: 95% of calls will result in having resources and information provided to ensure safety needs are met.

Measurable Objective: 100% of women who are referred for emergency housing will receive resources necessary to find safety.

Build Stable and Independent Lives: Provide 24-hour case management services to identify and address emotional, physical, personal, and financial needs involving goal setting and life skills development.  Trained staff will maintain confidential and complete record keeping of their daily contact with residents.

Measurable Objective: 95% of all residents will have a written needs assessment and records will indicate that 95% of those with needs assessments will be connected with resources meeting their areas of needs.

Addresses Physical and Emotional Needs of Children: Children’s services include case management, individual assessments, access to therapy, age appropriate activities, an educational curriculum, and healthy relationship education.  Trained staff maintain confidential and complete record keeping.

Measurable Objective: 100% of child residents will be given the opportunity to receive appropriate resources and referrals to meet their physical, emotional, educational and development needs.  The outcome to this objective will be emotional stability, non-violent behaviors, and stable grades in school.

Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence: Educating the community about the effects of domestic violence and where to receive assistance if they are abused is key when working toward preventing domestic violence. We provide training to law enforcement, social service agencies, health professionals, clergy, educators, and any interested community group.

Measurable Objective: Each year we educate over 10,000 community members via speaking engagements, the quarterly newsletter, teen dating violence programs, and church outreach.