Domestic violence and the workplace

When we think about domestic violence, we usually think about what happens in the home. But domestic violence also has a profound effect on today’s workplaces. In fact, 74 percent of domestic violence victims report that their abuser has harassed them on the job. Plus, the spillover from domestic violence costs employers more than $7 million in lost work days each year, not to mention decreased productivity, higher health insurance claims, and potential liability when an abuser attacks a victim on the job. There’s also the impact these situations have on other employees who witness or suffer as a result of the abuse.

With more than one million people reporting a violent assault by an intimate partner every year in the United States, domestic violence should be a concern for every employer. Employers may be hesitant to address domestic violence in the workplace because of uncertainty about preventive roles, a desire to respect employee privacy, and the need for guidance. However, employers who do address this issue can provide real help to victims and prevent associated risks.

Has your company taken steps to address domestic violence and its effects upon the workplace? If you’re a business owner or manager, we’ll be happy to come out and educate your team. If you’re an employee who’s concerned, please share this information with your supervisor or Human Resources department.

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